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PandID includes numerous international operating manufacturers, and as a market oriented company we supplies instrumentation, industrial valves, and appendages to customer specifications. All our supplies find their way via an efficient worldwide distribution to customers in the martime, chemical & petrochemical,
general industrial, horticulture & greenhouses, engineering offices, equipment-machinery and installation


PandID Register Trademarks

: PandID® B.V. + logo®,
: SAMMI Line Blind BeNeLux®,
: Comfit Instrument Valves + Accessories®

Additionally, PandID supplies for any industry a wide range of top brands from reputable manufacturers, ranging from high quality sustainable standard products to custom made products.


Online publishing

PandID use the latest form of online publishing. With this online publishing software we create a so-called 'Turn Page' or 'Flipbook' make of all our technical documentation on this website.





 2015 exhibitions


3 & 4 June 2015


SAMMI Line Blind






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